Before Becoming Blind

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by Natesh Muthuswamy

A collection of line drawings

published by Kadavu Publications, 2021

When Blaft launched In 2008, one of our first publications was a collection of Natesh's drawings, the now-out-of-print "when this key sketch gets real tongue is fork hen is cock when this key sketch gets real my baby eagle's dream comes true". 

This is the long-awaited sequel collection.

About the Author

Born and bred in Chennai, Natesh's lifelong love for art trumped his initial focus on a career in astrophysics. On completing his studies at the Government College in 1986, he moved forward simultaneously as a gifted artist as well as a talented theatre set designer. Described as a classicist by many of his contemporaries, he has become a key propagator of installation art since 1999 and is one of the few southern artists to include his paintings in his installations. Natesh's drawings are certainly strange and exciting for the viewer: grotesque and elegant in equal measure, comical and tragic in the same lyrical line.