Math Problems with Ghosts and Monsters

Math Problems with Ghosts and Monsters

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by Rakesh Khanna

99+ middle & high school level math problems!

Practice your math skills while learning to protect yourself against zombies, vampires, cosmic fungi, rampaging kaiju, penanggalans, aswangs, pishtacos, and other diabolical creatures from every corner of the globe!

Master the science of snake venom, demon-raising candles, alien parasites, and necrophagous insects… all while you brush up on your algebra, trig, and geometry!

Graph the mass increase of a people-eating blob from outer space!

Model the periodic fluctuations of a haunted house’s cold spot!

Calculate how much tranquilizer you need to keep a zombie sedated!


Great for people who... 
• love horror and love math
• love horror and hate math (but need to practice)
• love math and don’t know enough about ghosts and monsters
• interact frequently with the undead

(Parental Advisory: While some of these math problems are campy and silly, others have a moderate amount of gore -- and a few of them actually kind of scared us while we were writing them. Proceed with caution!)

Check the Math Problems with Stuff blog for sample problems.

Math Problems with Ghosts and Monsters will also be available as an ebook


Rakesh Khanna is a mathematics educator and curriculum editor. As a musician, he has worked with new music percussion ensembles and noise bands in California, as well as performed as a Western classical concert timpanist

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