News & Events

News & Events

A few announcements:

On Sunday, August 25 at 6 P.M. we'll be at Champaca Bookstore, Library, and Cafe in Bangalore to talk about SOUTH INDIAN SUPERNATURAL CRIME THRILLERS with Nirmal Rajagopalan, translator of Indra Soundar Rajan's The Aayakudi Murders, and Zac O'Yeah, detective novelist and crime fic enthusiast. Hope to see you there!


Next month, on September 21-22, we'll be at the GAYSI ZINE BAZAAR in Mumbai. We're launching a new Avakkai and Chukka zine there called Samudra Rani and the MAA-LEEs of Project Poonga. The book is now available for pre-order:

Kuzhali Manickavel has been writing a really great column for The Swaddle featuring conversations with her niece, and this week's piece is especially amazing and you should read it. And after you are done reading it then you should buy all her books because why don't you have them already??!!?!



Last but not least, there's a new "Math Problems with Stuff" blogpost this week about GIANT PENGUINS. It's an excerpt from Math Problems with Dinosaurs. (Because penguins are dinosaurs!)