Our Press

Blaft Publications was founded in 2007 in Chennai, India. We released our first titles in 2008. The company is run by three unlikely publishers: Rashmi Ruth Devadasan, a Chennai native who used to work in the Tamil film industry, Rakesh Khanna, a California native with a background in mathematics education, and V. Vinod, a Chennai native and former restaurant owner.

We are interested in translations of pulp and popular fiction from Asian and African languages, especially in genres that don't have exact analogues in English publishing. We like comics and graphic novels. We like weird, "new weird", and experimental fiction. In 2019, we have plans to release some offbeat math books and a novel about zombies.

Our books are available in India on our website, through Prakash Books, and at select bookstores. In the USA, they are available through Small Press Distribution.