Stupid Guy Goes to India

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by Yukichi Yamamatsu
translated from Japanese by Kumar Sivasubramanian

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In 2004, having never before left Japan, 56-year-old manga author Yukichi Yamamatsu travelled to India, armed with little money, less English, no sigmoid colon, and absolutely no idea of what to expect. He did, however, bring with him his formidable art skills, a missionary zeal for spreading Japanese comics culture, and a keen pair of eyes -- through which we are treated to a hilarious, brutally honest look at India as it presents itself to the foreign visitor.

This is the true story of Yukichi’s adventures -- playing marbles, searching for bathrooms, betting on horses, visiting a brothel -- and his madcap mission to sell Hindi translations of samurai manga on the mean streets of the nation’s capital.

About the Author

Yukichi Yamamatsu was born in Tottori Prefecture, Japan, in 1948. After leaving junior high school, he moved through a variety of jobs in quick succession before selling his first manga manuscript to an Osaka publisher at the age of 16. He has been an acclaimed mangaka for over four decades. He has been a frequent visitor to India since 2004. In addition to the full-length Japanese works Stupid Guy Goes to India and Stupid Guy Goes Back to India—now translated into English by Kumar Sivasubramanian and published by Blaft Publications—he has published several translations and short original comics in Hindi and Bengali through his Indian publishing house, Ganga Yamato Company.

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