Superspecial Dhwani Mail Art Packaging

Superspecial Dhwani Mail Art Packaging

Update (Sep 27, 2022): Dhwani is taking a break from doing special packaging for us, but she'll be offering the service again soon!


Hi... it's been a while. 

We're blogging again after many months to announce a new superspecial buying option on our site.

Order now and you can get your Blaft books delivered in a unique package designed by our dear friend Dhwani Shah, who is a world-class doodler and makes some of the coolest mail art we've ever seen.

The doodles and seemingly random clippings used to decorate these packages are scientifically selected to heighten awareness, increase focus and physical stamina, and expand consciousness in new directions. Dhwani will gather data from a co-occurrent event mining framework using the recipient's name, address, and biometric data from the Aadhar database, feed it into a specially designed Markovian subscore numerological Myers-Briggs-Crowley algorithm, and customize her artwork based on AI outputs tailored to maximizing your psychic potential.


All this for only ₹500! What are you waiting for?? Order now! (Select "Dhwani Special Shipping" on the last page of your checkout. Please allow 6-8 days for shipping within India.)