Update: The Moonward Reprint Is Definitely Happening

Update: The Moonward Reprint Is Definitely Happening

Thanks to many advance orders from fans of Halahala both local and farflung around the globe, the reprint of Appupen's 2009 graphic novel Moonward is underway (YAY!). We'll be releasing it at the Mumbai Indie Comix Fest, Mar 25-26, and mailing it out to all of you who pre-ordered slightly before that.


INDIE COMIX FEST MUMBAI, YMCA Mumbai Central, March 25 to March 26 |  AllEvents.in


Here is the new, slightly updated Moonward cover: 



Indie Comix Fest has a strict comics-only policy -- no other books allowed! -- so we won't have our whole list on offer. However! We WILL be carrying our re-release of Orijit Sen's River of Stories, often cited as India's first graphic novel:



As well as a few new and new-ish ziney things:



See you in Mumbai!


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