Doctor Dread (eBook)

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by Ibne Safi 
translated from the Urdu by Shamsur Rahman Faruqi

Jasusi Dunya #63

The wealthy widow Begum Irshad is being blackmailed by a mysterious foreigner. Crime reporter and freelance investigator Anwar is hired to go undercover and find out who he is. Meanwhile, Captain Hameed and Colonel Faridi are trying to figure out why a mentally deranged man who thinks he’s an angel is being kept imprisoned in a five-story building. As bullets fly and the bodycount rises, it begins to look as though both cases may be related to the ongoing feud between the tiny, monkey-faced killer named Finch and the American arch-criminal Doctor Dread...

About the author

Ibne Safi was born in 1928 in India. During the 1950s, he created two great mystery series, Jasoosi Duniya and the Imran series. Both gained massive popularity and were translated into several languages. He died on his birthday on July 26, 1980 in Karachi.

Welcome to Ibne Safi’s Jasusi Dunya, an intricately demented world of larger-than-life villains, mad genius detectives, and beautiful femmes fatales. With a huge cult following among readers in both India and Pakistan, this series spans 125 novels published between 1952 and 1979. They remain some of the bestselling books in Urdu even today.

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