Math Problems with Dinosaurs

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by Rakesh Khanna

100 middle & high school level math problems!

Practice your math skills while making deductions from real paleontological data!
Learn about stegosaur thagomizers, supersonic sauropod tails, ichthyosaur eyeball bones, dino-eating mammals, paleozoic sea bugs, dinosaur poop, and global mass extinctions… all while you brush up on your algebra, trig, and geometry!

Design a dinosaur zoo!

Draw a cladogram!

Calculate the impact force of an ankylosaur tail!


Great for people who... 
• love dinosaurs and love math
• love dinosaurs and hate math (but need to practice)
• love math and don’t know enough about dinosaurs
• are frequent time travelers

Check the Math Problems with Stuff blog for sample problems.

Also available as an ebook


Rakesh Khanna studied mathematics at the University of California at Santa Cruz and the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. He has worked as a mathematics educator and curriculum developer for 25 years. 

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