Killer Echinoderms in Indian History

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by Virender Murkblob

24 pages

The first in the Blaft Monographs on Cryptodiversity and Decoherence chapbook series.

From the world's leading researcher in military echinodermology comes a short treatise about malevolent marine invertebrates and their diverse attempts at attacking and/or infiltrating Indian civilization. Episodes covered include the Brittle Star War on the Vijayanagar Empire in the early 16th century, the strange case of Raja Sukh Chand of Chhota Guler (who may have lived for ten years with a parasite slowly devouring his brain), and the hidden history of the crinoid-myzostomid battle during Subhash Chandra Bose's submarine transfer in the last years of World War II.

Also available as an eBook.

"The juxtaposition between Murkblob’s academic style and the visceral nope factor of killer echinoderms that can detach their own wriggling limbs in order to strangle victims is delightfully shocking" - Darcie Little Badger