Heroes, Gundas, Vamps & Good Girls

Heroes, Gundas, Vamps & Good Girls

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Hindi Pulp Cover Art by Shelle 25 Postcards.

For nearly four decades, Mustajab Ahmed Siddiqui, a.k.a. "Shelle", has been painting lurid, action-packed covers for thousands of Hindi pulp novels--thrillers, social dramas, detective fiction, horror. They're the ones you find stacked up in bookstalls at railway stations throughout North India, written by the best-selling authors in the country: Surender Mohan Pathak, Ved Prakash Sharma, Anil Mohan, Ranu, Colonel Ranjit, and many more. This book of oversize postcards takes you on a journey into Shelle's dangerous world of steely detectives, ruthless criminals and bombshells in distress.


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