Dating for Noobs

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32 pages

by Sunny Kumari

Dating for Noobs is a 32-page comic based on Sunny Kumari’s dating experience. The comic idea stems from sharing relatable, humorous dating stories to help those who struggle with dating. It emphasizes the difficulty and courage required in dating, acknowledges the emotional fallout when things don't work out, and encourages moving on without self-blame. The message is to be honest about your intentions, rely on friends for support, and accept that everyone is still figuring things out.

About the author

Sunny Kumari is a freelance illustrator and visual designer. Initially, she pursued forensic science before discovering her passion for art. Relocating to Bengaluru to study art was a significant decision, but it proved to be worthwhile. She studied Visual Arts at the College of Fine Arts, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath. Sunny enjoys illustrating everyday stories and creating zines and comics. In addition to her artistic endeavors, she has a fondness for good chai and enjoys collecting graphic novels and stickers.