Kollivay Pey Tote

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A cotton tote bag featuring an illustration of a Kollivay Pey, a fire-breathing ghost known from the hills and marshlands of Tamil Nadu, as described in the book Ghosts, Monsters, and Demons of India.

The Kollivay Pey is famous for sudden appearances and disappearances in the dead of night, accompanied by stacatto flashes of flame, enticing the observer to chase it up a winding and craggy pathway, going higher and higher, until it emits a final bright and blazing breath right in front of the pursuer, who jumps out to catch it... only to realize, too late, that he's jumped off the edge of a cliff. 

Our Kollivay Pey tote bestows upon its owner an aura of mystery and danger, functioning both as a FAAFO signal to ward off the weak-minded as well as an indicator of smouldering intelligence for observers with more advanced sensory powers.

Illustration by Shyam