Kumari Loves a Monster

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by Rashmi Ruth Devadasan & Shyam

NOTE: These books are from a 2011 print run and they show some signs of age. They're discounted for this reason!

The maidens in these pages all have beauty, brains and talent. They while away the night and day with monsters fierce and gallant!

KUMARI LOVES A MONSTER is a romantic picture book featuring beautiful young women whose boyfriends are gruesome monsters. Each page contains a short poem in English and Tamil, and a quirky fantasy art scene painted by Shyam, the go-to illustrator for the Tamil magazine and pulp fiction industry for the last twenty years.


Also available as eBook


About the creators

Rashmi Ruth Devadasan is a writer and artist based in Chennai. She is a founder/editor of Blaft Publications, the co-editor of The Obliterary Journal, and the co-translator of The Blaft Anthology of Tamil Pulp Fiction, Vol. 3.

Shyam Sankar is a prolific illustrator for Tamil books and weekly magazines.

They both live in Chennai.




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