Portalpettai (eBook)

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by Avakkai and Chukka

Portalpettai is an illustrated mini-book about an interdimensional portal which opens at a women's college in Uthiramerur, Tamil Nadu. It's narrated by a former lecturer at the college who has been transformed into a floating jellyfish-like creature with a see-through head.

This is a portrait of a diverse South Indian community and its resilience in the face of an alien life force intrusion. It also touches on the subjects of non-baryonic matter, old Tamil film music, and the arcane secrets of mushrooms.

Avakkai & Chukka are an author/illustrator team based in Northern Lemuria. They are also responsible for Samudra Rani and the MAA-LEEs of Project Poonga and Trouble in Portalpettai.

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